Growing Up Sissy Baby

Life can be very confusing for some children. While most know who they are and traverse the journey of pre-school, preteens, teens and finally arrive at adulthood, some get stuck along the way and years later, still feel the primal urge to be children or babies again.

This book is a compendium of three true-life stories of three Australian boys who in different eras and different cities, each grew up wanting to stay in nappies and to remain babies. But just as importantly, each wanted to be a girl to some degree as well.

You will feel their pain, their joys and their frustrations as they navigate the early years of life…

Growing up as a Sissy Baby

This compendium contains three amazing true-life stories of boys growing up knowing they were also baby girls.

Australian Baby: a life of nappies, bottles and struggles
Me, Myself, Christine
Living with Chrissie

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What are people saying about this book?

“This was the first book that helped me understand some of the feelings I have been dealing with my entire life. This is a must read for any sissy baby who wants to feel understood.”