To Embrace The Changes

The sequel to the acclaimed ABDL novel THE BOOK OF CHANGES by Henry Lyra is here!! In the first book, we met Robin Bailey, an adult baby who had been hiding most of his life. Then, suddenly, his best friend Carter and his family discovered that side of him, teaching him to be comfortable with the baby boy inside. In the sequel, TO EMBRACE THE CHANGES, Robin and Carter must learn how to adapt their college days with baby days, and as they integrate Robin’s baby side to their daily lives, many realizations come. Life-changing (pun intended) realizations.

The second book of a planned trilogy, this story is about love, friendship, family and how being an Adult Baby is not the end of the world. Just the beginning of a new one.

TO EMBRACE THE CHANGES includes three articles by well-known AB Discovery writers: Michael Bent, Dylan Lewis and Maggie Joyce.

You can get the exclusive AB Discovery PDF or you can find the book available on Amazon as ebook, paperback and hardcover.

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