A World of Changes

They made it.

Carter and Robin have successfully graduated college and gotten together. They are married and their lives are great with Carter being a reliable nurse and Robin a high school teacher -one who wears diapers. They have found a balance between their normal lives and the fact that Robin is an Adult Baby who Carter takes care of.

Robin has his nursery, can be the baby he wants to be when he wants and Carter enjoys every second he spends with his babified husband. They make both sides work, the Adult side and the Baby side. That’s is, until something unexpected comes their way…

Jordan is an eighteen-year-old boy who had been neglected by his parents all his life and kicked out when they discovered he was an Adult Baby. Fate intervenes and suddenly Carter and Robin find themselves taking in this boy, and once more they are thrown into A WORLD OF CHANGES as a new big baby joins the family. But are they ready for it?

This is the final book in THE TRILOGY OF CHANGES, where Carter and Robin (and Jordan!) will see their stories go full circle!

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