The Nannies

AB Discovery is pleased to present the sequel to the popular ‘The Candy Stripers

As a boy, Sammy McCue had long been fascinated by diapers and baby things.  When Sam first ‘borrowed’ a diaper at age 4, his indulgent mother noticed her son’s odd attachment.

When Sam had an accident in grade school, his Mom diapered him overnight to protect his bed.  Little did parent or child know where that incident would lead them.

Months later, Sam’s Mom hired a college-student nanny to help out over the holidays, and Sam and his Nanny Sanny quickly became inseparable.

Sam and Sandy’s bourgeoning relationship spans decades and continents.  Their haunting love story is one you’ll remember long after you’ve finished these books.

Both storylines are filled with detail and accuracy borne of real-life events and characters.  Sam McCue is a pseudonym used by a New York Times bestselling author who is a lifelong infantilist.

The Candy Stripers chronicles 15 years of Sam’s life, from 1973 to 1988.  This sequel, The Nannies, covers the next dozen years and the evolution of Sam’s adult baby lifestyle as he journeys into the literary world and the political arena.

The Candy Stripers and The Nannies are the ultimate full-length adult baby romance novels and testaments to the resilience of the human spirit.

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“I ordered The Nannies as soon as it was announced, and the new book did not disappoint. If anything, the author’s style has tightened appreciably; some of the chapters are genuine cliffhangers. I won’t give away the storyline, but it’s obvious that the author knows his stuff. The encounters late in the book with famous politicians are cases in point; these read as if they’re based on real-life events.

I still think The Candy Stripers is the best AB fiction I’ve ever read, but The Nannies is a close second. While the babying aspects of the story aren’t as intense, a very intriguing storyline more than makes up for the deficit. Most AB fiction is clumsy and poorly written, and McCue’s work proves a refreshing exception.”

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