Baby Governor

Politician and bestselling novelist Sam McCue has led a pretty charmed life … until now.

In Baby Governor, this American wunderkind takes the reins with youthful energy and finds that power isn’t always what it seems.

Picking up where The Candy Stripers and The Nannies left off, this third instalment goes all the way as Sam becomes the youngest-ever Governor of his state.

With diapers, bottles and three willing nannies added to the mix, Sam’s improbable political journey turns into the ride of a lifetime.

Sam and his nannies savour their moment in the sun and grope for change in a world turned upside down by 9/11 and the challenges of high office.

An insider’s glimpse into the lifestyles of famous and powerful people, Baby Governor strips away the carefully crafted veneer of American politicians.

This final book in an autobiographical trilogy is written by a New York Times bestselling author and lifelong infantilist.

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