The Ingrid Chronicles Books 7 and 8

A part of the AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ Series

The fourth and final volume of the erotic diaper series.

We find out more about the diapered and submissive characters that live under Ingrid’s roof. One of the recalcitrant neighbours decide that she wants to return for more ‘discipline’. Each of the subs learns more about how to behave for their superiors.

And a new character – Eric/Erica – comes to work there and discovers a new world of being both an employee and a diapered submissive.

Ingrids household continues to grow and teach diapered submission to more learning subs.

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The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 7 & 8 (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $US4.90

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The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 7 & 8 (AUDIOBOOK): $US4.90

The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 7 & 8 (PDF/ EPUB/ MOBI/ AUDIOBOOK): $US7.90

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