The Scribbles of Kita – Volume 2

Kita Sparkles brings us more of her stories about Adult Babies and Adult Little Girls. Diapers and dresses abound as boys and girls both discover the little girl and the baby within.

Stories include:

  1. Little Mall Tykes Daycare
  2. Not Another Generic Diaper Parody
  3. A special Christmas Dress
  4. The Easter Egg Hunt
  5. Lexi the Leprechaun
  6. Girl Club
  7. Lexi the Leprechaun Christmas Story
  8. The New Elf
  9. To Dance
  10. One Diapered Summer
  11. Learning to Love Diapers
  12. Babysat by the girl next door
  13. Babysitting Service
  14. Slumber Party

52000 words

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