The Bedwetters Club

Five twelve-year-old boys share a secret. A dark and shameful secret. They are still bedwetters. So they form a club, like boys that age like to do and call it “The Bedwetters Club”.

They hang out, ride bikes and share everything. They even sleep-over at each other’s houses because… they can, unlike anywhere else.

But one day, a girl decides she wants to join, largely because everyone else thinks that they are stupid. She isn’t a bedwetter, but she is a tomboy who can enjoy everything they do – except sleepovers.

But devastation comes when there one of their school friends is murdered and they know who the murderer is.

But some traumas never end and forty years later, they are forced to revisit the horrors of the past as they collide with the horrors of the present.

Five boys are now five men, one of whom is an adult baby, struggling and failing to move on from the past.

And not just the murders have returned. So has the bedwetting. And now, both need to be resolved.

For good, this time

Time travel, serial murder and 5 bedwetters!

Coming late 2019.

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