The Rehab Regression

What is the price of starting life over again?

For college student, Toby, starting over will cost him everything. At just nineteen, Toby’s new life is about to begin. After a near-fatal overdose, he found himself kicked out of school and facing either jail or drug rehabilitation. Now, more than ever, he needs a do-over.  A special drug rehabilitation center called Forever Free just might be able to help. This special program promises to make its clients “forever free” from their addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, this treatment comes at quite a price as Toby learns, when he is given his new start on life – quite literally!

He finds himself transformed into a young child, a toddler living at a daycare center, with no memory of how they did it, or how to return to his adult life. As he struggles to keep his mind from sliding into early childhood along with his body, Toby discovers something surprising.  Life in diapers isn’t all that bad. He makes new friends, and discovers he is surrounded by people who actually care about him – something denied him during his first pass through life. Toby must make a choice. Either try to get back to his old life with all its failures, or remain a child surrounded by people who love him. Which would you choose?

For those who feel their infantilism touches something deep and alive inside, this story is for you. Beyond the diapers, early childhood is about a world filled with new relationships and vivid experiences. What matters most in Toby’s world, turns out to not be the material stuff after all.

You are invited to walk through the regression chamber at Forever Free, step into the world of Buttons and Blocks Daycare, and experience for yourself – through the eyes of Toby – the transforming power of really starting over.

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What are people saying about this book?

** “The first time I read it, I was instantly transported into the story and into Toby’s new baby life. That was good enough for me!”
** “I love this book! I wish that becoming a physical toddler were true:(”
** “Wow! This is not typical ageplay. Definitely, physical age regression? Since he retains his adult memories. There’s no romance and no scenes of any kind. This is a young man given a chance at life, starting at a toddler’s age….. this time making his life right. Unfortunately, he does not discover that this is exactly what he needs and wants until he’s forced to return to his adult life. A second chance at adulthood is a massive failure but is miraculously given a second chance at infancy and embraces it knowing this is exactly what he always needed and wanted, with a loving big brother and mom. Great story! I recommend this read.”
** “This is a sweet story with an original, unusual plot. Don’t choose this one if you’re looking for an adult domme relationship with the regressed person. It’s for those who enjoy the sweet side of age regression, with oftentimes very realistic toddler speech and actions.”

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Rehab Regression