The Hypnotist

Sebastian has a serious problem. His smoking is out of control and threatens to shorten his life. He is single, alone and desperately wants a relationship and knows that heavy smoking is not exactly an attraction to a smart, attractive and sexy woman like Alicia.

But Alicia isn’t a friend. She is his hypnotherapist. While secretly admiring her and even more secretly lusting after her when she wears leather, Sebastian decides to get rid of his smoking addiction and spent some quality time with the woman he lusts after.

She gets rid of his smoking alright… But something else happens to him that will alter the trajectory of his entire life… for the better.

Sebastian starts to feel like he is a baby again. Will it last? Will it get deeper? Read on to find out.

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The Hypnotist (PDF): $US4.90

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** And now, for our North American readers, this book has been released in a ‘diaper version’ replacing the words ‘nappies, mummy, dummy and cot’ with ‘diapers, mommy, pacifier and crib’. The Hypnotist’s Baby

 The Hypnotist’s Baby (PDF): $US4.90

Also available At


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What are people saying about this book?

** “This story was unique – hypnotizing. It did get a little repetitive but was a good story overall. I hope there’s a sequel to this book
** “I tried hypnosis to become a bedwetter and it didnt work. Fiction or not, this story got me thinking about trying it again.”