The Better Husband Training Program

Another wonderful ABDL/FemDom novel by accomplished author – Colin Milton

Scott and Samantha’s marriage was reaching that most treacherous of troubles – complacency. But Samantha was not one to let her relationship perish without trying everything she could. At the suggestion of a friend, Samantha went to, read up on their program and made an appointment for her and Scott.

As she found out later, the guiding principle of their counselling was the fact that all men are essentially big ‘boys’. But what was truly special was that they understood that some men were little boys and some were really just babies.

A wonderful story of reconciliation and success with a very unusual (to other people!) training program.

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The Better Husband Training Program – diaper version (AUDIOBOOK): $4.90

The Better Husband Training Program – diaper version (AUDIOBOOK/ PDF/ EPUB/ MOBI/ AUDIOBOOK): $US7.90

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What are people saying about this book?

** I’ve read a lot of FemDom books, and many have problems with poor or non existent editing. Not so worth Colin Milton, at least with The Better Husband Training Program, the first of his books I’ve read. He takes a psychological approach to Samantha’s problem. Scott, her husband, is being a typical husband. He comes home from his stressful work, and wants to chill, which he does by hiding in his game room playing a racing game, at a very loud volume, effectively blocking out his now very frustrated wife, Samantha. She’s fed up with the lack of attention, lack of help around the house, “but I take care of the car and the lawn”. Yeah, but. Her friend Sarah, has given her encouragement to seek out professional help from a special company that deals with relationship issues.
She and Scott attend, and almost immediately, their relationship starts to improve. They both see improvements, and return for more visits.
Being a typical male, Scott is rather impervious to what is really happening. Samantha is slowly infantilizing him. ‘Sam’ understands she’s slowly dominating Scott, regressing him back to a much earlier age, while still retaining his ability to work. Scott, is so enthralled with the whole ambience Sam’s created, that he succumbs to her feeding him her breast, eventually she makes him cum, but instructs him that he isn’t too cum without her.
Sam takes him further and further into infanticide, and Scott follows oblivious to Samantha’s increasing dominating and control because, he’s getting his cummies, and much positive reinforcement from Sam.
Scott’s name is never infantilized into Scotty, something I’ve read in other stories, and for a guy who’s never been addressed like that, the effect might be demeaning, and help with the process of course, this is fantasy.
So, I like how he’s laid out the process and it fits together well. The storyline follows without confusing the reader. Scott offers little resistance, which seems unnatural, but Scott must have a submissive personality and easily succumbs to psychological and sexual manipulation. Good thing, or there wouldn’t be a story here to tell.

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