So, your teenager is wearing diapers…

All around the world, parents are discovering their teenagers are trying out diapers and some of them keep wearing them long after they are toilet trained or cease to wet the bed.

It is not a new phenomenon, but it is increasingly becoming a frustration and a fear among parents who simply don’t understand it. But this is not the time to panic or be concerned. Rosalie Bent methodically explains how to handle your teen and their diapers. Hard and fast rules and simply forbidding it, will not work, but in this book,  you will find some understanding and some tools for dealing with this unusual behaviour, responsibly and effectively.

This classic 54-page book – “So, your teenager is wearing diapers…” – takes parents through the why and how of dealing with this as responsible adults. The diaper issue doesn’t need to be a huge parent/child argument or a source of constant conflict or confusion.

If you are concerned about your teen or you are that teen who needs to explain it to their parents, this is the book for you.

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 So, your teenager is wearing diapers (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $US4.75

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So, your teenager is wearing diapers (AUDIOBOOK): $US4.75

 So, your teenager is wearing diapers (PDF/ EPUB/ MOBI/ AUDIOBOOK): $US7.75

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So, your teenager is wearing nappies (AUDIOBOOK): $US4.75

So, your teenager is wearing nappies  (PDF/ EPUB/ MOBI/ AUDIOBOOK): $US7.75

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What are people saying about this book?

** “Definitely a must-read for any parent that finds out that their child is an TB/AB/DL. And also a great read if you find out your mates to an AB/DL. It’s also a pretty interesting read for an AB themselves.
** “Great book and very informative. I have a teenage daughter and I recently found out that she likes to wear diapers. This book really helped me understand better.”
** “If any good parents are out there take this to heart and stride. Coming from someone that saw this from the teen side. i can tell you it’s a struggle to ask the question why do i do this? If my parents found out they probably would have jumped at the shadows like you may want to. This book is an outstanding guide for parents. For me it hasn’t helped much but to open my eyes to the other side of the road.”
** “Put the myths away ignore the stigma and media-hyped views. This short book addresses a difficult and little understood issue with facts and data combined with a compassionate logical approach to understanding and dealing with it.”
** “Interesting, very good book. Covers a lot of topics that were needed. I would suggest this book to everyone experiencing this situation.”
** “A book I wish was around when I was a teen when my parents found me in nappys one night. We could have understood me being AB and my life would have been to different. Thank you Rosalie for all you have done to support us. You truly at a beautiful soul.”

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