Sissy Babies – the Ultimate Submissive

Following the success of Evelyn’s first book – Diaper Dominance and Discipline – This well-written author is now preparing her next book:

“Sissy Babies – the Ultimate Submissive”

Written as a guide to establishing and managing a relationship with sissy babies, this book gives guidance based on personal experience and rare expertise.

It will deal with questions such as ‘what is a sissy baby’ and how to find satisfactory outcomes for both baby and parent. It addresses real-life issues in managing a non-peer-based relationship and how to actually make it work, and work well.

Sissies are a growing part of society and within the ABDL community, the sissy baby is relatively common. But spouses, partners and friends tend to be dismissive or even scared of sissy babies. This book will open their eyes so if nothing else, they will no longer be ignorant of who they are.

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