Living as a Baby

Maggie Joyce’s first book was a stellar success as she wrote about the Fulltime Permanent Adult Infant – adults who regressed to infancy and stayed there forever.

These cases occur but are rare but they do occur. What is a lot less rare are those adults who choose to live a substantially infant life while still managing the adult world around them.

They are all obviously diapered 24/7 and live at home as complete infants, but Maggie along with Rosalie Bent write of their history, their present and even their future.

Living as a Baby is a big ask and a difficulty, but it can also be a deeply rewarding and compelling lifestyle.

Some of these babies you will know, but many you will not. Those who live as babies tend to keep it secret or at least private from the world at large that is not yet ready to accept the lifestyle choice of…

Living As A Baby

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