Infant Utopia

Marcus Lawson’s life was a mess and always had been. Nothing had turned out right and once again, he was alone and feeling bereft of hope. At times, he turned to his beloved diapers for comfort and they worked… for a while, but the solution to everything was further away than it had ever been.

Until that night…

That fateful morning, Marcus awoke to a new reality. He was not only in diapers, but in baby attire, sleeping in a baby nursery. He felt very different. He looked very different. His world was very different. And then his bedroom door opened and someone walked in. The first words that left his mouth were ‘mumma!’

Marcus was definitely not in Kansas anymore, but he was in diapers.

From the mind of Wilbur Forsyth, a new novel about Adult Babies and how it just could be one day… maybe.

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