Dylan’s Deepest Desire

A new entry into the AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ series.

Dylan turned 40 a few weeks ago but something was missing. Something deep down inside was calling to him. His birthday celebrations had been a great event with all his friends celebrating in one of the coolest bars in London. Little did he know this would be the last adult birthday he would ever experience.

Dylan had a successful career working for a large company often dealing with many stressful negotiations, but he enjoyed the challenge. However, there was one thing missing in his life and that was to find a partner. He had always been a complicated man and had many requirements he looked for which made finding the right guy a challenge. Most important of all was that he was an adult baby. He had been so all his life since before puberty and the truth was, he could never give up those feelings.

Two weeks after his birthday celebrations, Dylan’s life had returned to its usual monotonous daily routine until one night where he received a message from a guy on DiaperBois.com called StrongDaddy45.Little did Dylan know that this message would change his life forever and he would finally achieve his deepest desires.

Due September 2021

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