A Baby for Felicity

Oliver was an adult baby and unlike most, he got a lot of opportunity to dress up and diaper up as the baby he always wanted to be.

One day when Dave, an old friend, rang to see how he was getting on, he spoke not to Oliver, but to Felicity. She told him an impossible tale of how ‘Ollie’ was now living as a baby. He thought it was a scam or a lie.

But it wasn’t.

Trapped by his own infantile desires, Felicity had indeed, partly turned Oliver into a baby, but how far would she go and how far would he let her? And what would her mother and two sisters say when they discovered that Felicity now had a baby – but not by traditional means?

Read on to find out.

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A Baby for Felicity (PDF): $US5.25

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** And now, for our North American readers, this book has been released in a ‘diaper version’ replacing the words ‘nappies, mummy, dummy and cot’ with ‘diapers, mommy, pacifier and crib’. Felicity’s Baby

Felicity’s Baby (PDF): $US5.25 [diaper version]

Also available At:


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** “Very good book. A must read.
** “I’m not a great fan of ABDL fiction,but I liked this one so I will go back for more.”