zz Babied On Another World

An AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ Title

There are more worlds than this one. There are in fact thousands of duplicate earths that developed a society similar to our own. But there are some differences. For some the differences are subtle while in others, extreme. But in every world there were those that wanted to wear diapers, those who wanted to be babies again.

On one such world, they celebrated such people and sought to bring them to their own world from other worlds. They could not only take them from sad and abusive lives but also make them into the babies they wanted to be and the babies that child-less couples wanted. But it came at a hefty price for these new infants-to-be. There were elements in their new world that could not be predicted.

There was pain. And a lot of it. Some of it seemed gratuitous while some had an obvious purpose. But an adult baby wasn’t the goal. It was a baby baby and to do so meant to make them smaller and younger and it was a painful process.

It is said that love and pain are close cousins and being Babied On Another World meant both.

Discover a deeply masochistic world unlike ours and yet… not all that much.

NOTE: there are a lot of scenes involving deliberate and severe pain.

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