Wilbur Forsyth

Wilbur Forsyth (not Fredericks’ brother!) is a Canadian sci-fi fan who watches Star Trek, Star Wars and most other movies and TV shows with a sci-fi bent. An adult baby and newly-minted 24/7 diaper wearer, his books are all themed towards sci-fi and fantasy. Married with one more child than originally planned, his first book – Infant Utopia – will be released soon.

Like many others, he dreams of a world where Adult Babies can be open and accepted and diapers are just another toileting choice. His upcoming book – 2050 – explores this theme. He is also a lover of teddy bears and dolls and his other upcoming book – Charlotte’s Gift – is the story of an adult baby’s sentient teddy bear.

The Complete Collection of works by Wilbur Forsyth

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