When Preteens Want Diapers

As all Adult Babies know, the drive to wear diapers and to be a baby again does not mystically begin at 18 years of age. It is there throughout much if not all of our teen years. But nor does it mysteriously erupt at 13 years of age either. For many, this need begins far, far earlier in the preteens and often in the preschool years as well.

Parents with their eyes open may see that ‘something’ is awry with their child but not able to understand it. This book doesn’t presume that every young child that wants to wear diapers again is doing so because of a ‘baby desire’. It offers the frustrated parent ideas and thoughts about what else may be going on as well as discussing the ‘baby thing’.

Written expressly to meet the questions of a couple of parents, this book can help guide parents along the path with their child and if it turns out that they are ‘babies’ helps them understand and manage it.

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The Complete Works of Rosalie and Michael Bent

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