The Multiverse Adult Baby Adoption Agency

Joe Snell has the least boring job in the universe – or any universe.

Joe heads up the ‘Assessment Division’ of the Multiverse Adult Baby Adoption Agency. His job is to lead a team of people who locate and assess adult babies in a variety of multiverse Earths – 87 of them to be precise – for relocation to his own world where they can be adopted as they are or regressed physically back to infants or toddlers.

His world has a plummeting birthrate and adult babies from other worlds are a source of new infants for desperate parents to adopt. But to find them, he has to understand them but that is not a problem.

Joe is an adult baby in a world that accepts them openly and where diapers are more common than underwear.

Joe was born on world 41 and came to World One and was able to relive his life as a baby once again and then to grow up only as far as he needed to. He was perfect for the job.

And he was scouting Earth 41 once more – his former world – looking for babies who wanted a full infant life.

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