The Lonely and Distracted Adult Baby

Being an Adult Baby can be a wonderful, exciting and even exotic experience, but at the same time, it can be a very lonely one.

Rosalie Bent and Maggie Joyce, both ‘parents’ of a deeply regressive Adult Baby, discuss the real world traumas of many ABs.

Being unable to share yourself openly and easily with other people is the typical scenario. being unable to share even with family and a partner is common and makes the loneliness even deeper.

Because of the at-times overwhelming desire to wear nappies and be a baby, ABs can be distracted from their jobs, their relationships and many other things as the all-consuming need pushes other things aside.

This book helps ABs to discover that their loneliness and distractions are common and to help provide some basic skills to reduce the problem.

Being an AB should be a wondrous experience, not a weight to carry around and cause you harm.

Coming late 2020


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