The Forever Child

Every parent expects their new little baby to one day grow up. To learn to walk, to go to school, get a job, get married and have a family.

But what if your child is not like that?

What if they get bigger, but are still a baby? What if every other child toilet-trains, but yours is still in nappies when they enter high-school? What if they learn to walk,but prefer to crawl? What if while other teens are learning to drive, your child is playing with baby toys instead? When other boys their age are drinking beer, yours is still on formula and bottle-feeds? And what if when girls come calling, it is for baby-sitting and not dating?

Is it possible to remain a baby and yet experience a full life?

THE FOREVER CHILD is the story of one such baby that never grew up and the people that made it all possible.

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forever child

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