The Epitome of Love

AB Discovery welcomes Henry Lyra to our group of authors. Henry’s first book is a wonderful story of discovery and friendship with an ABDL theme.

Two Boys. One Innocent Secret. An Amazing Friendship.

Robin Bailey appeared to be a regular high school Senior. He had amazing grades, he was well liked among his teachers, and he loved to hang out with his friends, specially his best friend Carter. But Robin had a secret that made him feel like an outsider sometimes: He was an Adult Baby. He liked to wear diapers and pretend he was a one year old baby. He carried that shame for his entire life, never telling anyone who he really is.

Carter Blake was popular and part of the school’s swim team, but he never cared for popularity a lot. All he knew was he had a best friend, Robin, who he loved like no one in the world. However, Carter can’t keep pretending he doesn’t notice how his best friend acts weird, detached and sad in the most unexpected moments. He knows Robin is keeping a secret, but he doesn’t know what it is.

The Bailey family was very close to one another. However, Robin could never tell his parents or sister about his desires of being a baby and wear diapers. He thought they would disown him.

it is until one little slip up reveals an adult diaper to Robin’s sister in his room that the life of Robin, Carter, and the Bailey family changes forever…


epitome love

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