The ABCs of Matilda

Dr Matilda Fordham was a genius.

Holding degrees in pure mathematics as well as psychology, Matilda was a highly-regarded therapist who also helped police with forensic work on complex cases. Her insights were exceptionally accurate, but her success came not just from her training but from a well-hidden side to her that she shared with only one other person. Matilda was still a baby.

While most other adult babies who regressed to infancy would think about toys and bottles, Baby Matilda’s sharp mind would concentrate on problems. While playing with a doll, she would work out the solution to a patient or a criminal investigation. Her intellect was at its highest while she was lying in her cot in wet nappies, sucking her dummy and enjoying being who she really was deep inside: a baby.

But after twenty years of being a nappied Miss Marple, Matilda had had enough. Along with her friend/receptionist and part-time babysitter, she moved to a small English village to regain her peace and privacy.

Naturally, she couldn’t escape her destiny as the most intelligent one-year-old on the planet.

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abcs of matilda

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