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The saga of ‘Buttons and Blocks’ continues!

Four years have passed since investigative reporter Tim Lansing chose the life of a baby as the sweet little Timmy Turtle, and Dillon Peters was given a job at Buttons & Blocks as its Vice President of Recreational Activities.  Dillon has since graduated from college and is working full-time at the daycare—the job of his dreams.  The former Children’s Museum has now been completely transformed into an age-appropriate daycare for its age-regressed clients, formerly adult drug addicts.  Dillon’s work has been a raging success.

Dillon Peters’ life is certainly going in the right direction.  He has a great job, a house of his own, and no student loan debt.  He even has a girlfriend, Hailey, who he intends to propose to in the near future.  The problem is, Hailey has never wanted children.  She doesn’t think she could make Dillon happy as a childless couple.  She knows nothing about the regression chamber at the Forever Free rehab center, but she will soon learn of its power.  Dillon makes a very different kind of proposal to his child-reluctant fiancée-to-be, a decision that will change both of their lives in profound ways.

If Hailey was to have a child, she imagined it would be a girl.

Hailey would get exactly that!  Well… from a certain perspective.  Hailey would become the mother of a sissy.

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