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Welcome to ‘stuck at home’ AB Discovery!

We know it can suck to be stuck at home, especially during a national/global emergency, but as adult babies, it can be a time to not just spend time in diapers and baby clothes, but also to catch up on your reading of ABDL books. 

To make it easier and more affordable, we have an opportunity for you to buy SIX books at once for far less than the individual books. Just $19.50 for what would normally cost you a great a deal more. (Compendiums are excluded from this offer)

Welcome to AB Discovery! We are glad that you are here. Being an Adult Baby can be complex and difficult for many of us and for that reason we have a number of excellent books and videos to help you understand who you are that little bit better.

We know the struggles and understand the difficulties – as well as the joys of being a special ‘Little Person’ at times. On this site, we offer our help and our expertise in helping you and yours understand and deal better with the regression that so often brings difficulty and sadness as well as pleasure and fun. Take a look at the various books, downloads and the Sessions on Discovery that could transform you and your relationships.

Michael and Rosalie Bent

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