Rosie’s Custom Bonnets and Booties

Rosalie is an amazing crafter of individual Baby Bonnets and Baby Booties for all of you Big Babies! And now, you can have some of her amazingly comfortable and infantile products to wear. You can choose what is already in stock or discuss with Rosie your own personal colours and styles at the same price. Made from fine wool and crafted with care, the booties and bonnets you want are just an email away.

Whether you are in your bed or crib, playing on the mat with your toys and sitting in your baby clothes or just needing the comfort of a warm bonnet, Rosie’s Bonnets and Booties will fit the bill. Crafted in your colour and from a wide range of patterns, these will be uniquely yours, made for the baby that is YOU! Knitted mittens are also available on request.

Bonnets come knitted in 8 ply or 4 ply with optional pom-poms and a variety of knitting patterns. They are $45 each including postage.

Buy Now Button International Buyers: Rosie’s Bonnets $US45

Buy Now Button Australian Buyers: Rosie’s Bonnets $AU45

Booties are crocheted in 8ply and made to a standard foot size. if your foot is smaller or larger than normal, just say so and Rosie will accommodate your personal fit. They are $35 for the pair including postage.

Buy Now Button International Buyers: Rosie’s Booties $US35

Buy Now Button Australian Buyers: Rosie’s Booties $AU35

Email Rosie direct on to discuss the baby wear of your choice

Here is the currently available stock for immediate delivery. Those marked ‘sold’ are still available and along with other styles and colours will take up to two weeks:

dsc02303a                      dsc02304a

Silvery-grey Booties (sold)                                         Bright Red Booties (sold)

dsc02305a             dsc02306a

Pure White with green trim booties                       Red booties with ribbon ties (sold)

dsc02307a dsc02308a

Classic Pink Baby Girl booties                Multi-coloured Booties (SOLD)

dsc02311a            bonnet_blue

8 ply blue bonnet with ribbon tie        4 ply light blue bonnet with pom-pom (sold but still available)

bonnet_yellow               bonnet_pink

Pastel yellow bonnet with tassel (sold but still available)       Classic pink bonnet with pom-pom (sold but still available)

bonnet_green                  bonnet_grey

light green bonnet with double pom-poms (sold but still available)   Soft grey bonnet with pom-pom (sold but still available)


Baby bonnet with pink flowers (sold but still available)


You can choose whatever colour you want, but here are some samples.

abd_colour2 abdcolour1

abd_colour3 abd_colour4

abd_colour5 abd_colour6