Open Flower Day

An AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ Book

Martin Coster brings us two stories of sissy babies. We learn how they grew up, how they developed into sissy babies and finally, the moment when they take the full step of being deflowered or ‘opened’ as sissy baby girls.

1 – Phillip has always been a baby girl and his wife both accepts it and is now wanting to help her pursue it to the fullest. She meets a woman who introduces her to the ritualised side of sissy baby life and a small group of other sissy babies and how they live.

2 – Andrew hates being a boy and his staid parents refuse to let him even experiment with being a girl. And as for nappies… not a chance. But when he is thrown out of home his two ‘odd’ aunties come to the rescue and Andrew gets to experience not only femininity and babying and the outlandish desires he has but he meets a ‘girlfriend’.

Definitely ABDL ‘out on the edge’

NOTES: contains frequent use of wet and dirty nappies, wet beds and sissy-sissy intercourse.

DUE December 2022


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