Nounou – a love story

Sam McCue’s first novel combines two of the author’s favorite places – London and Paris – as the settings in a story of a couple grasping for change.

Rachelle du Corday is a French heiress living with a diplomatic family in a London suburb.  On a Eurostar train bound for Paris, Rachelle meets an American author. This unusual romance keeps triumphing over circumstances as real as they are diverse.

Sam shared his infantilism with Rachelle once their relationship became ’serious’ – and the disclosure nearly disastrous results.  Rachelle’s gradual acceptance of Sam’s ‘baby’ needs leads her to fully embrace the ‘mommy’ role, but the process takes time and patience.

McCue’s eye for detail is evident and his characters are intelligent, quirky and charming.

Nounou is a love story that will haunt long after you’ve finished the final page.

Coming AUGUST 2021

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