A new 55,000 word Book by DL Author – Nathan Wayne

Bruce Fillion is a private investigator with one sole case – tracking down an odd sex trafficking ring led by a man named Jace Allen. Jace specializes in selling women to wealthy men, but with a catch, only men who like their girls diapered and well trained. Bruce has made it his mission in life to catch Jace and to make sure he faces the consequences for his actions, but is Jace as bad as Bruce thinks? Jace sees himself as a savior of these girls, while Bruce sees him as a demon.

But who’s right? 

A new Diaper Lover book filled with action, adventure and… diapers!

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What are people saying about this book?

** “Thoroughly entertaining book. Hope there are more. 
** “Not quite an ABDL sex fantasy.. And not quite an adventure story. This story strikes a fun balance, with both plot twists you don’t always see comming, and some truly funny seans. The author has placed two heros/protagonists agents each other, and left the reader to wonder who the true villain is? While at the same time peppering the plot with kinky sex. If you happen to be into diaper kink, here’s a well plotted action adventure story with a twist you’ll enjoy.”
** “A former FBI officer along with his own fetishes finds a way to help former girls caught in sex trafficking scams become healthy whole individuals again. A man desparetly trying to find someone who he thought was a trafficker only to find the true love of his life!”