Join the Adventure Yourself!

Have you ever read a story and wished you could be part of it? Not simply to replace a character with yourself and your name but to be who YOU want to be and in the story itself? We have a number of book scenarios that might suit you. Read on and see…

Do you ever wish you could have gone to a pro-diaper, pro-baby, pro-trans/sissy school where you could be exactly who you are and be able to explore it? Michael Bent’s “Where Big Babies Live” sets up just such a school in the City of Solandra. Would you like to read the story of YOU coming to such a school, living and learning, finding diapered baby friends, and living life as you wish it had been? You can. You can live IN Solandra, have a nursery, go to a pro-diaper school and explore with new friends – in baby clothes and diapers.

Or are you fascinated by the life at Alice’s Boarding house full of babies, bedwetters, and Sissies? Would you like to join Rebecca, Bronwyn, and the other cast of characters and participate in their lives? You could be the next bedwetter to live in one of the spare rooms at Alice’s! And would you want to join the Secret Society of Sissy Babies too?

Ben Pathen’s Book “The Reluctant Baby” sets the scene with 14 steps to reducing a young boy into a diaper-dependent baby. Would you like to be subjected to these same 14 steps but in your own setting and characters? You can! Who would you want to be the controlling adult making you into a baby again?

Florence Grant’s “The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide” details the adventures that come from travelling to bedwetting-positive locales with beds you can wet without criticism. But perhaps YOUR email box could contain a copy of this Guide and you could book a time and a story at one of these places. Would you like to read about your time at such a place?

Martin Coster’s last book tells the story of Mistral Nappy Service – a place that not only delivers clean nappies but also someone else’s wet ones. Would you like to get on the delivery schedule, get your own supplies of pre-worn nappies, and meet other people like yourself? Would you like to have an adventure and even perhaps if you are a sissy baby, have a playdate with Sonya? You can!

“The Institute For Enuresis Management” has a very harsh treatment plan using electric diapers. Would you be interested in being one of the next enrolees? You could be! Imagine who you could meet there – people just like you!

So what can I get and how do I do it?

It is just the same as when you order a custom-written short story (~10K words). You tell us which adventure/scenario you wish to be a part of and all the details you have and we get the author to write you into their stories.

You can also choose to get longer stories (~20K words) or even go for normal length books (30K-40K) words.

Contact us at to discuss how you want to join some of these amazing places and stories and participate in the fun!