In From The Cold

It is mid-winter in semi-rural North America. It is freezing cold and just beginning to snow in the late afternoon. The fire is roaring when two life-long friends hear a panicked knocking on the front door.

When Merri opens the door, she sees a young man dressed entirely in baby clothes and a rather obvious diaper. The pacifier in his mouth does not hide the tears and the frightened look on his face. Wearing rubber boots, mittens and a baby bonnet along with his blue romper, he starts to cry. Merri sees a note pinned to his romper and takes it.

“I cannot look after baby Elliott any longer. Please care for him as best you can.
He is a completely trained baby and well-behaved. Sorry.”

Bringing him inside, they sit him in front of the fire to warm up and open up the large backpack he had with him. There were diapers, baby bottles, wipes and a second pacifier. There is also a second romper and a pair of blue knitted baby booties.

The two middle-aged women, unmarried and childless, looked at each other in a mixture of shock and excitement. They now had an infant to look after and for the next few days, no other option.

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In from the cold

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