Free Book Samples

We have made samples of a number of our books available to be downloaded for free.

The Current List is:

There’s still a Baby in my Bed!
Adult Babies: Psychology and Practices
Overlapping Stains
The Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St
Living with Chrissie
Me, Myself, Christine
Australian Baby: A life of nappies bottles and struggles
Fear and Joy: A life in and out of nappies
The Six Misfits
The Six Misfits: A Man and his Dog
The Three Chambers
The Joy of Bedwetting
My Diapered Baby, Callum [diaper version of My Baby, Callum]
The Hypnotist
Diaper Discipline and Dominance
A Brother for Samantha
Samantha’s New Brother [diaper version of A Brother for Samantha]
The Adult Baby Identity: Coming out as an AB
A Mother’s Love
The Clothesline of Shame [diaper version of The Washing Line]
A Baby for Felicity
Chosen Child [diaper version of Chosen]
Home Detention: the making of a baby
The Fulltime, Permanent, Adult Infant
Sissy Babies: the ultimate submissive
The Book Club Baby
Baby Solutions