Diapers, nappies, cloth or disposable?

Nappies or Diapers?

We are aware that the words we use are very powerful and resonate with us in specific ways. For some, ‘nappies’ is the word that connects to us while for others ‘diapers’ is the word that means more to us.

Knowing this, we are endeavouring to produce our books in both ‘diaper versions’ and ‘Nappy versions’ to best meet the needs of our readers. Keep looking to see which titles are in YOUR preferred language style!

Click the image below for a list of our books with both ‘diaper’ and ‘nappy’ versions.

Cloth or Disposable?

Also, there are those for whom cloth nappies are what they wear and what they want to read about while others, grew up on disposable diapers and that is what they prefer. We have books that meet both needs.

Click here for our Cloth nappy/diaper Collection

Click here for our Disposable nappy/diaper Collection