Christine Kringle

Who Is Christine Kringle?

Christine is an amateur American author with over several decades in the ABDL community.  She began writing during the pandemic as a way to channel her pent-up energies, and the more she wrote, the more she found she enjoyed it.  Christine loves all babies but has a special affinity for those precious little ones known as sissy babies.

There’s nothing that stirs her heart more than the image of a man or woman dressed in thick cloth diapers and baby dresses, surrendering themselves to the tender care of a loving Mommy or Mistress, and she tries to convey that same feeling in all her works.

Come explore a world where all the men are simply sissy babies waiting to be revealed, and all the women discover their love of helping the men in their lives become the baby girls they need them to be.  So, grab your baby powder, pin on your thickest cloth diapers, grab hold of your favorite stuffie and paci, and settle in for an ABDL adventure that should happen to you.

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Bedtime Stories for Sissy Babies

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