Books with Diaper and Nappy Versions

Some of our books come with alternate versions – either using American terms such as ‘diapers’ or British terms such as ‘nappies’.

Here is the list of books that come in both versions. The covers displayed are for the original versions, but click on them to see information about both versions.

mummys diary The Hypnotist My baby, callum a baby for felicity
A mother's love Baby for Melissa Baby Solutions The Reluctant Baby Noah becomes a baby
Psychiarista and Her patient The English Baby Alice and Her Baby Becoming a REAL baby!
Overlapping Stains Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St bedwetter travel guide Tales From the Nursery (1) Tales From the Nursery 2 Tales From The Nursery Volume 3
Bedtime Stories for Sissy Babies home detention
Diaper Discipline and Dominance Discover Sissy Babies and how to handle them! Chelsea finds her own adult baby A womans guide to babying her husband
me myself christine fulltime baby The ABC of Baby Women Secret eociety of sissy babies