Ben Pathen

Ben Pathen is from the UK and has been an adult baby since before he was an adult. Now in his 60’s, he writes about situations he would have loved to have experienced but never did. All very loosely based on real-life events and using his very vivid imagination, he tries to conjure up a sequence of events that would have answered all his baby desires. Could any of his stories really have happened?

And now, you can read Ben’s own story about how he became who he is today:

~Ben Pathen – my baby life

His pen name is an anagram of Bepanthen diaper rash cream.

The Complete Works of Ben Pathen

mummys diary A mother's love My baby, callum The Hypnotist a baby for felicity
The Reluctant Baby The Washing Line Baby for Melissa
Baby Solutions Noah becomes a baby The English Baby Alice and Her Baby


The full set of 18 Ben Pathen Books are available as a set:

Get your own customised book!18 Ben Pathen Books – Nappy Version  (PDF, EPUB & MOBI) $68.00

Get your own customised book!18 Ben Pathen Books – Diaper Version  (PDF, EPUB & MOBI) $68.00