Some of the worlds great discoveries and inventions happened by accident.

In a laboratory, scientists have developed a genetic therapy that causes old animals to revert back to their much younger, much stronger and healthier selves. Based on their success, human trials commenced with unpredictable results.

The reversals of age didn’t go to a fixed point in time. They varied dramatically, but it was never older than a four-year-old and sometimes back to an infant level. The therapy simply did not work as hoped. The ‘fountain of youth’ therapy was a failure. But out of the ashes of that defeat grew an entire industry of adults that in fact wanted to revert back to children, toddlers and even infants.

‘Baby-sizing’ was now a viable option for any moderately wealthy adult and surprisingly, a very large number did exactly that. Becoming an actual infant or toddler, while retaining adult memories and thinking was now a practical reality.

But what if you wanted to be an adult again? Were you destined for puberty once again, or could you remain an infant forever? And how long was ‘forever’ anyhow?

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