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We intend to make audiobooks of all of our books but this will take time. Click on any of the books below to go to the page with full details of the various formats available, including the new AUDIOBOOK format. You can buy the audiobook on its own or with the eBook version as well for $3 more.

Non-fiction Audiobooks

A Woman’s Guide to Babying Her Partner (Nappy & Diaper Versions) A Woman’s Guide to Sissy Babying Her Partner (Nappy & Diaper Versions)  An Argument for Rejecting Potty Training (Diaper and Nappy Versions) Sissy Babies (nappy & diaper versions)  Diaper/Nappy Discipline and Dominance
Coffee With Rosie A Mother’s Guide To Diapered/Nappied Teens There’s Still A Baby In My Bed! The Fulltime, Permanent, Adult Infant (Nappy and Diaper versions) Fear and Joy: A life in and out of nappies
Being an Adult Baby Australian Baby Me, Myself, Christine/Discovering Baby Christine The ABC of Baby Women Adult Babies: Psychology and Practices
So… your teenager is wearing diapers/nappies! When Husbands and Wives Become Parent and Child (Nappy and Diaper)

Dylan Lewis’ Audiobooks

The Adult Baby: an identity on the dissociation spectrum Living Happily as an Adult Baby Becoming Me Sex, Psychology and ABDLs The Six Misfits
The Six Misfits: A Man and His Dog The Six Misfits 3 The Adult Baby Identity – Healing Childhood Wounds The Adult Baby Identity – Coming out as an Adult Baby The Adult baby Identity – A A Self-help Guide

Max Harper’s Audiobooks

One Week In Diapers/One Week in Nappies

The Regression of Kylie (Diaper and Nappy Versions)

The Rehabilitation of Kylie (Diaper and Nappy Versions)

The Redemption of Kylie (Diaper and Nappy Versions)

My Adoption

Christine Kringle’s Audiobooks

Hocus Pocus (Diaper and Nappy Versions) Belle Means Beautiful (Diaper and Nappy Versions) The Crush (Diaper and Nappy Versions) Frills for Freddy (Diaper and nappy versions)

Chrysalis/Chrysalis in nappies

Bedtime Stories For Sissy Babies Vol 1 (Diaper and Nappy version) Bedtime Stories for Sissy Babies Vol 2 (Diaper and Nappy version) Bedtime Stories For Sissy Babies Vol 3 (Diaper and Nappy version)

Kita Sparkle’s Audiobooks

The Scribbles of Kita Vol 1 (diaper and Nappy versions)  The Scribbles of Kita Vol 2 The Babysitters (Diaper and Nappy Versions) The Chronicles of Vickie (Diaper and Nappy Versions) Sakura Comes to Visit
Sakura Comes To Stay A Very Sakura Christmas Dark(ish) Stories for a scary night

Ben Pathen’s Audiobooks

Baby Solutions/The Solution to Everything: Babying The Washing Line/Clothesline of Shame Extended Version A Mother’s Love/The Love of A Mother The Reluctant Baby/Aunt Janet’s Reluctant Baby

Chosen/Chosen Child

A Baby for Melissa and Her Mother/Melissa and Her Mother Find a Baby Alice and Her Baby/Alice’s Diapered Baby The Snoop/The Snooping Carpenter A Baby For Felicity/Felicity’s Baby The Regression of Baby Noah/Noah’s Infantile Regression
My Baby Callum/My Diapered Baby Callum A Brother For Samantha/Samantha’s New Brother Damaged Goods/The Diapering of Elijah Discharged Into Infancy/Discharged into Diapers The Psychiatrist and Her Patient/Baby Jacob and His Psychiatrist
The English Baby/The diapered Englishman The Hypnotist/The Hypnotist’s Baby Mummy’s Diary/Mommy’s Diary

Barry Oliver’s Audiobooks

The Rehab Regression (Diaper and Nappy versions) The Daycare Regression (Diaper and Nappy versions) The Reporter Regression (Diaper and Nappy versions) The Sissy Regression/The Nappied Sissy Regression The Virtual Reality Regression
The Regression Particle Max, The Diapered Zombie Killer Max, The Diapered Zombie and Werewolf Killer Tiger Cav

Colin Milton’s Audiobooks

Tales From the Nursery Vol 1 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Tales From the Nursery Vol 2 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Tales From the Nursery Vol 3 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Tales From The Nursery Vol 4 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Tales From The Nursery Vol 5 (Nappy and Diaper versions)
Takes From the Nursery Vol 6 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Embracing Infancy (Nappy and Diaper versions) The Sissy Baby Nursery (Nappy and Diaper versions) The Better Husband Training Program (Nappy and Diaper Version) Training School For Sissy Babies (Nappy and Diaper Version)
Big Babies and Their Mummies Vol 2 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Big Babies and Their Mummies Vol 1 (Nappy and Diaper versions) Big Babies and Their Mummies Vol 3 (Nappy and Diaper versions)

Forrest/Florence Grant’s Audiobooks

Overlapping Stains/The Undiapered Bedwetter The Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St/Diapers Bedwetters and Babies The Secret Society of Sissy Babies/The Diapered Society of Sissy Babies From Andrew to Angela (Nappy and Diaper Versions) The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide (Nappy and Diaper Versions)
The Institute For Enuresis Treatment – The Electric Diaper/Electric Nappies Three Diapers The Joy of Bedwetting

Other Fiction Audiobooks

Dylan’s Deepest Desire The Book Club Baby/Chelsea’s Baby Hunt From Humiliation to Love Tula’s Thesis Little Joshy
The Ingrid Chronicles 1-2 The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 3&4 The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 5&6 The Ingrid Chronicles Bks 7&8 The Candy Stripers
The Nannies Baby Governor Home Detention/Diapered at Home My Secret Needs and Desires (Diaper and Nappy Versions) The Second Lives of Diapers/Nappies
Floating Around My Head Vol 1 Babied On Another World Where Big Babies Live (Nappy and Diaper version) A Pinch of Salt

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