Amanda’s Secrets

In her acclaimed book Sissy Babies – the Ultimate Submissive, AB Parent, Evelyn Hughes talks a little about her husband – Amanda – and how he became her sissy baby daughter.

Amanda, real name Mark, was raised by her parents as a girl and in difficult circumstances that included being in nappies throughout his teens.

Based on responses to the Sissy Babies book, Evelyn has set out to write the detailed story of Amanda’s younger years, her teens and her adult experiences having been raised in a decidedly atypical fashion. Written from the perspective of an observer, Evelyn explores the dynamic of her sissy baby husband’s early life and how it has brought him where he is today as Evelyn’s baby daughter.

Confused? That is the basic plot of the book; of a boy raised as a girl and of a teenager still treated as a young child.

This story is not unique. It has been played out over the centuries in private houses across the globe and the stories kept secret and hidden. Evelyn has chosen to share Amanda’s Secrets – the life of a boy who never was and the girl who grew up in his place.

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Amanda’s Secrets

amandas secrets

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