Adam’s Dark Side

A first Diaper Lover 50,000 word novel by Nathan Wayne.

Adam Parker is a fairly average guy who found the girl of his dreams, but Adam has a secret, what he calls his dark side.

Adam has a kink for diapers and bondage. Ever since he was a kid, the drive to wear diapers has plagued his life and his desires aren’t shared by his girlfriend Allison. In an attempt to please Allison, he attempts to leave his kinks behind, but when things get serious, his desires come back and he must figure out how to deal with them.

Can he live a life hiding these desires?

Can he convince Allison to be a part of it?

Can they find a common ground or is breaking up their fate?

Read the story that parallels so many other DLs as they face their own ‘dark side’

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Adam tries to hide being a diaper lover

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